Audi UK Sales Reach 2 Million

These days, you wouldn’t have to travel very far before you saw some driving a new or used Audi A3 in Orpington, for they seem to be a very popular choice at the moment, along with the A1. Audi’s seem to have their fingers in all corners of the market, with cars ranging from the smaller hatchbacks like the A1 to the larger executive saloons.

Therefore it may not surprise you when you hear that Audi have recently reached a pretty impressive milestone of two million sales in 50 years in the UK. The first ever Audi to be sold on British soil was known as the F103 and it arrived in 1965, and Audi sold 32 of them. After that you might imagine Audi feeling a little disheartened by their UK en-devour but they persevered and their sales figures have grown pretty much every year since.


Last year Audi sold 158,987 cars in the UK, so 12.5% of all of Audi sales in the UK for 50 years happened last year. to give you an idea of just how much the brand has grown. Whether you prefer the Audi A5 or he Audi A1, there is an Audi for everyone, and I am sure we would all agree that it is a fantastic car manufacturer.